West Coast Stopover

The West Coast Stopover is our shortened version of the Four Day West Coast Ride.  It consists of two days of riding through magical countryside and a gallop along the beach!


Day 1: approx. 4 hours riding

Aim to leave QPA around 10:30 after we have selected a suitable horse to fit your ability and preference.  We will ride through the hills behind the farm to the edge of Bensafrim where we cross the main road to start heading west.  After a couple of hours riding through the hills and pine forests, we have a picnic lunch at what we call the “chicken foot crossing”.  Once recharged we start the descent down into the Valley of Rivers where we will cross the river 16 times before arriving in Carrapateira.

The horses will be staying near to Pensão Cato, where you will also stay or if no availability we will take you on down the track for 3kms to the village of Carrapateira, where you will stay in the friendly Pensão das Dunas which is situated between the dunes and the village.  A short stroll from either accommodation will take you to an excellent restaurant to round off the day.

Day 2: approx. 5 hours riding

After a good breakfast, we will collect you and head back to saddle up the horses.  You will then head further west to Praia da Bordeira – also known as Carrapateira beach –  where we will cross the wide river to get onto the long stretch of sand (5km!) – the perfect location for a good beach gallop!  The horses love this part of the ride and will make sure you do too!  Once we have had enough wind and sea salt in our hair we will ride to the quaint village of Bordeira where you will have a light lunch before setting off up into the pine forests for the final stretch home.  When we arrive back at QPA you are free to go for a swim in the pool and have a cold drink on the terrace.

**Please note our ability to do the beach gallop depends on the tides!  It will either be added on to the end of Day one or be the start of Day two.  Number of hours riding per day will change accordingly **
Price: € 250 pp (not including dinner)

For more information please contact us.