A Little Update…

We’ve obviously been far too busy riding to update our blog… 🙂

So – what’s been happening at QPA?

Well, first of all we were lucky enough to have some amazing photos taken – have a look in the photo gallery! It will make you want to rewind the clock back to winter and head for the west coast! However, with winter now fully behind us, we are getting ready for another summer season.

The horses and ponies have finally lost their winter coats (is it just us or does anyone else contemplate keeping all the excess hair to fill some pillows and duvets?) , the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the temperature rising…

Spring is a lovely time of year at QPA – there are flowers everywhere and the rivers are so full that on some parts you will get your feet wet! Lucky for us our horses love going through the rivers and some even enjoy a good splash (if you have ever ridden Ruby you will know what I mean)!

Since June is just around the corner, so is the Summer … We can get very busy in the summer … so if you are heading to the Algarve this year and want to join us on one of our many amazing rides, please make sure you book in time to avoid disappointment. We have something on offer for all levels!

Looking forward to welcoming you at the yard!