Winter 2013

Yes, Portugal has four seasons too. Luckily for us our winters are a lot milder than most of the places our clients come from! We don’t have to worry about snow or ice, the little rain we get is very welcome to give our horses the pleasure of having grass in their paddocks! See these two happy ponies:


The new year has brought along a bit of change for us at QPA. First of all we had to say farewell to Nikki and Emma. Nikki is now working at a showjumper’s yard in Germany and Emma has gone to live her dream in Africa where she spends her days photographing lions, giraffes and elephants… we’re not jealous at all. Since their departures we have welcomed new staff members Jamie and Catharina.

We’re busy getting ready for the FOUR DAY WEST COAST RIDEĀ (have you booked your place yet?), with the first ride starting on March 18th. The horses (and Jamie) are in training, the tracks are being checked and we guarantee you it will be an experience of a lifetime. The Algarve is so beautiful at this time of year; lots of flowers out, green hills and flowing rivers. It can even be warm enough to ride in a t-shirt! (this picture was taken 09/02/2013)


Of course if you don’t fancy four days of riding we can also take you on a one or two hour hack through our stunning countryside.


Happy Riding!